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Yes! No!
A First Conversation About Consent
Board Book - 2022
We Listen to Our Bodies
Picture Book - 2021
Don't Hug Doug
(he Doesn't Like It)
Picture Book - 2021
Connor Kissed Me
by Zehava
Picture Book - 2023
My Body! What I Say Goes!
A Book to Empower and Teach Children About Personal Body Safety, Feelings, Safe and Unsafe Touch, Private Parts, Secrets and Surprises, Consent, and Respectful Relationships
Book - 2016
Consent (for Kids!)
Boundaries, Respect, and Being in Charge of You
Graphic Novel - 2020
You Ruined It
Book - 2022
Maybe He Just Likes You
Book - 2019
Real Talk About Sex and Consent
What Every Teen Needs to Know
Book - 2020
What Does Consent Really Mean?
Graphic Novel - 2018
#MeToo and You
Everything You Need to Know About Consent, Boundaries, and More
Book - 2021
You Know, Sex
A Book About Bodies, Gender, Puberty, and Other Things
Graphic Novel - 2022
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